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Cultural Competency

As a leader in specialty healthcare services, Magellan is committed to providing effective services that incorporate the cultural beliefs, values, and worldviews of all individuals seeking services. Cultural competence, or providing care that meets one's unique cultural needs, is essential to the delivery of effective and responsive care. 

Tools for Providers

Cultural Competency Resource Kit (PDF)

Cultural Competence: An Introduction (PDF)

Cultural Competence Information Sheets (PDF)

We are dedicated to supporting the cultural competence vision and goals of our staff, the members we serve, and our provider network. This resource kit contains a variety of assessment tools, guidelines, standards and resources designed to assist providers, agencies, and the Magellan organization overall to enhance cultural and linguistic competence throughout the behavioral healthcare system.

Through the use of materials in this kit, one can, for example, conduct a self-assessment of provider-level cultural competence, assess organizational strength and growth areas with respect to cultural competence, and carry out consumer evaluations of healthcare provider cultural competence. In addition, a variety of tools and resources are included to assist provider agencies in developing realistic and incremental organizational cultural competence plans.


Unless otherwise attributed, the content in this resource kit was developed by Miriam E. Delphin, Ph.D. of the Yale University Program for Recovery and Community Health.